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I'm not a failure.



@justinbieber: This is James Dean inspired. Don’t ask me if I smoke ciggys cuz I don’t ♛

HOT. 🔥🔥🔥
This world is really fucked up. He is depressed because this world hates him and he has no clue why. I’m not saying that I totally agree in what he did. I don’t wanna wake up one day and see that Justin is all over the news, dead. Just because he made the wrong decision doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. We all know that. We have all witnessed how he reach out to people. He doesn’t even deserve all the hate in the first place. I can’t sleep last night knowing he’s not ok. I can’t sleep knowing that he has way too much pain in him that no one understands. He is really good in pretending he’s ok but he’s not.  Him, taking anti-depressants broke my heart. It really hurts me knowing that I can’t help him. He is the hero but this time, who will save him? He never failed us tho. He still manage to smile through all the negativity. Though it hurts to know that all those smiles were fake. He was broken inside. Congrats World! You’ve already got what you’ve always wanted. I really hope that he has already learned his lesson and find himself again. I will always be here for him, supporting and loving him no matter what.




This is probably the coolest GIF I’ve ever seen.

now there’s some perspective.

I once saw a storm roll like this once. It was beautiful.

Wow, just wow…

This is so cool 😳
I’ve chosen the right idol to admire. He has the biggest heart that most people can’t appreciate. I’m still hoping that one day, they’ll appreciate the things he does. #MaramingSalamatBieber #GiveBackPhilippines
His name is legacy to the world. He is defined as the massive difference that took over the world. He is Nelson Mandela. #RIPNelsonMandela
He is really staring deep into my soul.